Unpacking Scorpio

Scorpio energy is one of the most misunderstood energies, from my observation. They are perceived as dark, spooky, cold, intimidating, and even intense. In a lot of ways, it may feel like an identity and an image is projected onto them, and everyone else except them can see it. My Guess is, Scorpio children are told they are too sensitive. While Pisces babies may be dreamy, and Cancer children may be “sweethearts,” adults might have a more difficult time with Scorpio babies (why depends on that family, I can’t tell you without seeing a full chart). Scorpio children are extremely inquisitive. They’ll dive into the dark and murky sides life, and through research, may uncover atypical facets of civilization. They may not fear what they find though, so they’ll want to talk and understand matters like death, trauma, and the occult.

What happens then?

The world tells Scorpio that they are weird. They learn very quickly there are some passions you keep to yourself, some tears you cry when you’re absolutely alone in the bathroom, so no one can hear you. That’s when the mask begins to grow, the suppression starts. Scorpios work really hard to be palatable for the people around them, the issue is they wear their feelings on their faces. Which is why I think folks may think they’re intense or intimidating. They are holding back a lot. Feelings, trauma, life, thoughts, words, it all adds up. Life Adds up Scorpio, all of it, and you feel it, and it’s destroying you from the inside out. You may feel “paranoid” that people are listening to or seeing you, even if you’re not trying to be noticed. You can become “obsessed” on wanting to know what others are hiding from you. Rest assured, your symptoms of paranoia/obsession may not be the result of a larger issue. If you’re concerned, please see a licensed and trained professional. Therapy helps whether or not the issue is perceived as large or small.


Scorpio, you will never, ever, EVER, taste the sweet nectar of happiness until you are intimate with yourself. You may subconsciously attract toxic relationships and partners who refuse to be real/vulnerable/intimate with you because you may be scared of being immediately seen. How to be intimate with yourself?
Address what you’re suppressing (for some of you this might be best done with a therapist). Start with your beginnings, who first told you that you were “wrong” or “weird.” When did you first learn to silence yourself? Who gave you the mask? I will repeatedly say this, I don’t know what you as an individual are going through (astrology can’t tell me the specifics). Your experience is shaped by your family, culture, environment, society, and oppression. All astrology does is help me speak on how it’s expressed. Scorpio, suppressing isn’t a sign that you’re broken. We suppress when the world makes us feel like we have to; it’s a coping mechanism that helps us fit in and avoid lashing out.

The difficult work is unpacking and identifying what we may have normalized; unpacking takes time. I’d like to clarify that I’m not proposing all Scorpios need therapy. I just know that I can’t assume what you can and can’t handle, so I’d rather we all be safe than sorry. Unpacking is difficult and can potentially be dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Scorpio, it’s normal to be sensitive. It’s normal to be intrigued by transformational, dark, and even deathly matters. As a child, you might have held a lot of anger, but explore what anger is, why it happens. You weren’t just an angry child, you were passionate. If you held anger, that was probably the result of hurt because of your unique experiences. Jokes aside, but who hurt you? Anger is the result of hurt, of being wronged. If you were angry, it wasn’t for no reason (more often than not, but there are exceptions to this rule).

Scorpio, You are beautiful. You are different. You are valid. You are magical. You are You.

The inability to be vulnerable produces much more than an intimidating persona. Suppression can at its extremes lead to other physical and mental issues depending on what’s suppressed. Y’all are some of the most caring, compassionate, die-hard-ride-or-die people that have ever existed. You’ll do almost anything for your loved ones, darkness does not scare you because you see the light in the most faithless of situations.

The world needs people like you.

Please don’t let the world turn you into something you’re not. Don’t let the world project their insecurities onto you. Don’t be a vehicle for people to use and abuse, then tell you that you’re the problem. Don’t become the toxic energy in the room.

I love you Scorpio💖