Intimacy is important to us because without it we are forced to sit with our feelings in isolation. While it’s important to know how to navigation loneliness, intimacy is a must. In a world where vulnerability is inevitable, intimacy is the dualistic space of solace that we crave. With intimacy, we can feel appreciated, validated, and understood.”

I created BlackWomenCry because I am a Cancer Moon, and ever since I could remember I wanted to become a mother (cliche, I know). I am a Scorpio rising who is interested in Psychology, and I think we can heal our pain if we talked about it more. As a teenager, I became interested in human sexuality, so much so that I knew I wanted to be a sexologist (again with the cliches). I followed those dreams because they were worth chasing. Then I became an adult.

When you’re an adult you have to do a lot of proving yourself. Adults are taught that the world is worth fearing; skeptics exist for a valid reason. But in turn, I think our society breeds generations of scared adults. People who doubt their dreams, and teach their children to doubt their dreams as well. We are people who are living to survive, and when you’re raised off of survival then you’re not reaching your fullest potential. We deserve a community that enables and supports us to thrive, and that’s what I want BlackWomenCry to be.

More formally, I have a Masters in Social Work (Specialization, Contemporary Social Issues) and a Bachelor’s in Psychology (Minor, Biology). With astrology, my goal is to help you understand what holds you back from achieving your goals. That requires us to be intimate with each other, my work typically touches on trauma, familial issues, and fear. Through acting as an “intimacy doula,” I intend to help you get to the core of yourself.
— Six, BlackWomenCry Founder