It’s possible that intimacy is so deeply important to us, because without it we are forced to sit with feelings of isolation. While it’s important to feel alone, intimacy is a must. In a world where vulnerability is inevitable, intimacy is the dualistic space of solace that we crave to have in this world. With intimacy, we can feel accepted, validated, and understood.

I’m Six and I’m a Writer, Tarot Reader, and Sex Astrologer. I started BlackWomenCry because I’ve felt like I have to remind people of my humanity. It’s impossible not to have feelings, and because of my feelings I wanted to create a community support system for women, LGBTQ folks, and people of color. More formally, I have a Masters in Social Work (Specialization, Contemporary Social Issues) and a Bachelor’s in Psychology. With astrology, I work to help people understand and satisfy their sexual and romantic needs. With your birth chart, I can help you understand the type of nurturance you need to heal; your romantic desires; and your sexual blocks.

The goal of each session is for you to feel affirmed, validated, and to have a clear map of the next steps.
— Six, BlackWomenCry Founder